About Ken

About Ken

Ken Abraham is a New York Times best-selling author, known around the world for his collaborations with popular celebrities and fascinating, high-profile public … [Read More...]

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More Than Rivals: A Championship Game and a Friendship That Moved a Town Beyond Black and White

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Buzz Aldrin – Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon

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Jimmy Wayne – Walk to Beautiful

Click here to purchase the book on Amazon Imagine yourself a thirteen-year-old hundreds of miles away from home, in a strange city, and your mom leaves you at a bus station parking lot and drives off into … [Continue Reading...]

Set Free: Discover Forgiveness Amidst Murder and Betrayal

“Gaile Owens is my mother. I am her son. Please do not take this from me. There is no justice in taking her life. There is no justice in denying the healing power of forgiveness.” Stephen Owens was 12 years … [Continue Reading...]

Stand Up and Fight Back

The weapons you need in the fight against Satan Most of us don’t like to fight with the devil. That’s smart. Only a fool would seek a confrontation with a supernatural, demonic being. Unfortunately that evil … [Continue Reading...]

Joe Gibbs | Racing to Win: Establish Your Gameplan for Success

Joe Gibbs is the only coach in history who has won prestigious championships in two world-class sports: NFL's Super Bowl and NASCAR's Winston Cup. A proven winner in motivating himself and others to succeed, … [Continue Reading...]

The Hosanna Bible

The Hosanna Bible helps kids grow spiritually by emphasizing praise, worship, and prayer. Through 120 brilliantly illustrated Bible stories, this Bible is perfect for beginning readers and for reading to … [Continue Reading...]

George Foreman: God In My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir

Everyone needs a second chance, even if your name is George Foreman. "My second chance arrived unexpectedly in a Puerto Rican dressing room after a heavyweight boxing match. What happened to me in that room … [Continue Reading...]

I Was Wrong: Jim Bakker

The loss of Jim Bakker's empire, his money, his home, and his reputation in the two years leading up to his imprisonment in 1989 was only the beginning. In prison, he was to lose even more - his freedom, his … [Continue Reading...]

The Right Thing: Navy Commander Scott Waddle

When a U.S. nuclear submarine collided with a Japanese fishing vessel in the spring of 2001, the story made national headlines. Navy Commander Scott Waddle, former captain of the U.S.S. Greeneville, was at the … [Continue Reading...]

The Prodigal Project Book 4: Kings

Based on a Biblical interpretation of the Rapture, Kings continues the story of those caught up in the events following this world-upending event. Azul Dante, the increasingly controversial figure whom some … [Continue Reading...]

Payne Stewart: The Authorized Biography

When his life came to a sudden and tragic end on October 25, 1999, Payne Stewart was at the top of his game on every level. In June of 1999, he enjoyed the signature triumph of his career and solidified himself … [Continue Reading...]

Chuck Norris, Against All Odds: My Story

Millions of people around the world know Chuck Norris as the star of more than 20 motion pictures, including "Delta Force," "Missing in Action," and "Return of the Dragon." Millions more know him as a martial … [Continue Reading...]

Let’s Roll

2003 ECPA Gold Medallion Award winner! The best-seller that has brought comfort and hope to millions in the wake of 9/11 is now available in softcover! Let's Roll!—the moving, behind-the-scenes story of United … [Continue Reading...]